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The use of plants for medicinal purposes.

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Take Control of Your Health & Self-Development


Sharing knowledge and educating.

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Using a wide variety of methods and herbs I will seek to help remedy your ailments.

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Knowledge and research I have compiled over years and years of studying.

My Publications



Look into my available lessons and various teachings into herbalism and personality types.

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Hi I am Alex Carberry,

My name is Alex Carberry (Abu Bakr Carberry). I am a British born writer, thinker, naturopath and activist raised in Guyana, South America on the edge of the Amazon jungle. I run clinics, deliver workshops and write. I am a practitioner of herbalism. I bring sufic cosmology, the European philosophical and literary tradition together with a strong emphasis on issues of health, physical, psychological, social and spiritual to bear on the human need for renewal and healing. I see the human being as a unified whole and not a fragmented creature.

My Services

Herbalist Treatment & Therapy

The main service I offer is is Herbalist consulting, treatment & therapy. As a trained Herbalist, I first explore your medical conditions and discuss how the use of herbal treatment can be used as a remedy. I will then find a remedy that will help heal or treat the condition. A wide range of conditions are treated through the use of herbs and more often than not, herbal treatment is a more cost-effective, permanent and natural treatment than the modern medicine.

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Online Self-Help

It is often found that most medical conditions are initially caused by lifestyle, diet & habits. No amounts of medicine can treat this. I now offer self-help online courses that demonstrate the fundamentals of wellness. Illness is a message from Reality, it is an expression of how things are with you, and if we wish our circumstances to be different then we must change. Your health is your responsibility and if you want to be well.

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