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This series of books explores personality and bio-types through the prism of the four elements – Air, Fire, Earth and Water – and four seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter –, bringing the knowledge of firasa – physiognomy and bio-types – into a modern context. They very simply but profoundly equip you with the knowledge to understand the pattern of your own type and by that effort to understand why others act as they do.

Alex is presently writing Know Yourself Choleric which is due in 2016.

The first in the series – Know Yourself

This is a simple yet profound introduction to this ancient and incredibly effective way of viewing the patterns of human beings. By learning how to understand yourself by working through this book, you begin to understand the pattern of others. With an average reading time of under two hours, you will gain a knowledge that pays dividends throughout your life. Know Yourself is available on Amazon. Back Cover Text: “Alex Carberry has written a concentrated and powerful new book which breaks fresh ground by drawing on ancient Sufic traditions and other time-honoured sources of wisdom in order to help you discover your true nature and begin the journey to find yourself and to better understand others. For the first time English speaking readers are given direct access to the penetrating insights of Sufi masters into the invisible elements which determine all human personality types and the opportunities they present to unlock the many advantages that come from simply knowing yourself and by understanding the way other people really are. This book is a small hidden doorway to the secret gardens of our own true happiness and the prospect of an emotional life free of destructive tensions and greater professional success.” The second in the series – Know Yourself Sanguine

The second in the series – Know Yourself Sanguine

A book on the most colourful member of the four types. This is a really useful self-help book for sanguines. It explores the 3 ways in which the sanguine pattern appears in human beings and gives tips for mastering each type. It explores the sanguine in detail, giving tons of tips on how sanguines are perceived by others, how they see the world and how to harness and unleash the potential of this type. Know Yourself Sanguine is available on Amazon.